Runs LIVE Oct 1st - 31st 2020 (Self-Study available afterwards)

(Doors open for prep & intro Sept 25th)


This year we're taking ins-POE-ration from the Master of the Macabre himself, Edgar Allan Poe!


We'll be learning about his life and mysterious death then creating some Poe-traits of the author himself, reading some of his Poe-etry and taking inspiration from his dark and spooky themes, then discover the origin of the Poe-lice Procedural as a genre with his inspiring tales of Detective Dupin and the first story based on a true crime! As always there will be audio accompaniments to each section read by Rhomany, with musical accompaniments by Katie Shesko.


We'll also explore the darker energies in astrology, as Mars squares off against that Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn cluster not once but twice, work some darker spellcraft and create a Samhain observance for not one, but two, full moons October brings us. That's right kids, there's a blue moon on Halloween this year!


Buckle in everyone! This is going to be a dark and creepy ride!

Halloween Chronicles 2020: Ins-POE-ration (self-study)


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